Entrance Fees & Monthly Charges


Mission Square’s pricing includes two components based on square footage:

1) a refundable entrance fee and

2) a monthly charge


Entrance Fee:

Mission Square’s entrance fee is refundable and returned to you once your home has been transferred to another qualified resident.


Monthly Charge:

Mission Square’s monthly charge is based on costs required to operate the community and to provide essential services to residents. Since Mission square is a nonprofit corporation, it does not have to build ‘profit’ to investors into our monthly charges. Therefore, we are often a more affordable option when compared to similar for-profit communities. Additionally, Mission Square is governed by a Board of Directors (made up of 5 Mission Square residents). Therefore, any increase in the monthly charge must be approved by Mission Square’s resident Board of Directors. 


The monthly charge covers a Resident’s proportionate cost of:

* Principal and interest, based on a mortgage, held by the nonprofit corporation.

* Common area property & liability insurance (Note: residents are encouraged to obtain property and liability insurance for their respective homes and personal contents).

* Management and administration – including on-site staff.

* One under building parking space and storage unit per home.

* Community utilities, lawn care, snow removal, trash collection and community area upkeep.

* General operating and replacement reserve funds.

* Service Package:

* Scheduled transportation within a 10 mile radius

* Utilities (gas, electric, water and basic cable)

* Wireless internet throughout community


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